Pinstripe Puff Beanie


This advanced (adventurous) beginner design is a fun make and also pleasing on the eye. Texture results from puff and post stitches. Great for gifts, charity makes, and market stall stock. This is

Pinstripe Puff Beanie2021-10-06T09:26:03+09:30

Wheely Good Beanie


This intermediate skill level, textured beanie design is a fun and quick make that will receive lots of compliments. Texture results from modified Catherine Wheel stitch and 3LO construction. Perfect for unique gifts, charity

Wheely Good Beanie2021-09-11T09:50:32+09:30

Clarence Chi Beanie


A fun, warm, squishy, textured beanie design that is unisex in appeal, and looks fabulous worn by both kids and adults. It can be worn 'right' side or 'wrong' side, for a different look

Clarence Chi Beanie2021-07-10T18:11:11+09:30

Go Wander Beanie


Go Wander Beanie A stylish, textured beanie featuring Puff stitches and cable work. This beanie is warm and comfortable to wear, and is unisex in appeal. This is an original pattern by Farrah Jane Tate.

Go Wander Beanie2020-09-27T10:49:59+09:30