Road Trip Beanie

A fun, warm, squishy, textured beanie design that is unisex in appeal, and looks fabulous worn by both kids and adults. It can be worn 'right' side or 'wrong' side, for a different look

Road Trip Beanie2021-07-17T20:40:15+09:30

Zen On Beanie

The Zen On Beanie is a fun, warm and squishy, zigzag spiral, textured beanie design, which is unisex in appeal, and perfect for the whole family. A super quick make, these beanies also have

Zen On Beanie2024-01-31T16:51:57+09:30

Braid N Bobble Cozy

Plait N Post Cozy A sweet textured cozy that is versatile in use – perfect for cups, bottles, pots, jars, vases and any other cylindrical item. Please note: This is an original pattern by Farrah Jane

Braid N Bobble Cozy2021-03-27T09:02:22+09:30