Gratitude Shawl


Gratitude Shawl A pretty and feminine filet triangular crochet shawl that works up quickly, using beginner stitches (Ch, HDC, DC, SC, Sl St), to construct the delicate triangle lace motif and solid repeats. Finish

Gratitude Shawl2021-01-29T20:06:17+09:30

First Born Love Blanket


A sweet blanket that features alternating inverted solid triangle and lace triangle motifs. It is constructed in the round, from a simple three-round repeat. The blanket pattern is suited to advanced beginner skills and works

First Born Love Blanket2020-10-28T13:59:09+09:30

Vintage Vibes Shawl


A pretty and versatile shawl that also whips up very quickly from a simple 8 row repeat. The filet work is yarn sparing, so a good sized shawl can be made from one graduated colour

Vintage Vibes Shawl2019-11-24T14:10:36+09:30