Ring of Stars Coasters

The Ring of Stars Crochet Coasters are sweet and unique coaster design that is both classy in appearance and functional in use. These coasters are an addictive and satisfying project to make. Packaged up

Ring of Stars Coasters2024-03-09T13:34:26+09:30

Tea Party Coasters

Oozing cute, these sweet Tea Party Coasters make such a delightful gift, either by themselves as a set wrapped with a bow, or with a mug full of chocolates, or with a tea for

Tea Party Coasters2023-12-22T15:42:36+09:30

Flower Power Coasters – 5 Petal

Cute coasters with that fun 70’s vibe. These whip up quickly and are a great little stash buster project. Make some for your bestie to make them smile.  This pattern was created for #SmallProjectsChallenge2022

Flower Power Coasters – 5 Petal2022-06-08T21:09:17+09:30

Vintage Chic Coasters

Vintage Chic Coasters are cute retro coasters that are easy to make and positively fly off the hook. Great for gifts, donations and market stall stock. This pattern was created for #SmallProjectsChallenge2022, May "Beverage"

Vintage Chic Coasters2023-03-22T13:30:22+09:30

L’il Bit Kitsch Coasters

The L'il Bit Kitsch Coasters are a super cute crochet coaster design that is quick and easy to whip up and will add some whimsy to your or another's coffee break. Perfect for gifting

L’il Bit Kitsch Coasters2024-01-24T16:40:13+09:30

Dainty Coasters

Dainty Coasters A sweet textured beverage coaster that is dainty in size (approximately 9-9.5cm/3.5-3.75in in diameter) and appearance, featuring an elegant border. Perfect for gifts and market stall stock. Ideal as a fun stash-busting

Dainty Coasters2022-01-15T18:42:13+09:30

Swirly Bloom Coasters

Sweet, textured coasters that are the perfect combination of kitsch and a little boho. Make one or a set - for personal home or office use, for gifting, or for market stall stock.

Swirly Bloom Coasters2022-06-01T15:07:39+09:30

Boho Bloom Coasters

Sweet textured, on trend crochet coasters that will impress, and are quick to whip up. Make one or a set - for personal use at home or in the office, for gifting, or for market

Boho Bloom Coasters2021-04-28T13:10:57+09:30