Arthouse Beanie

Arthouse Beanie is a beginner level 70's inspired beanie that can be made as a snug skull-cap, or roomy or slouchy beanie. Made from basic stitches using Worsted weight yarn, it works up very

Arthouse Beanie2022-07-21T17:21:47+09:30

Flower Power Coasters – 5 Petal

Cute coasters with that fun 70’s vibe. These whip up quickly and are a great little stash buster project. Make some for your bestie to make them smile.  This pattern was created for #SmallProjectsChallenge2022

Flower Power Coasters – 5 Petal2022-06-08T21:09:17+09:30

Festival Vibes Beanie

The Festival Vibes Beanie is sassy, slouchy beanie that works up quickly with any soft DK/8ply yarn. The flower design is on trend 70's style, and is eye-catching and fun. There are two designs

Festival Vibes Beanie2022-06-11T11:01:56+09:30

Vintage Chic Coasters

Vintage Chic Coasters are cute retro coasters that are easy to make and positively fly off the hook. Great for gifts, donations and market stall stock. This pattern was created for #SmallProjectsChallenge2022, May "Beverage"

Vintage Chic Coasters2023-03-22T13:30:22+09:30

Flower Power Crochet Motif

A groovy flower motif that is quick to make and perfect for use as an applique, in bunting, and in other decorative projects such as pen/pencil toppers and fridge magnets. Great for stash-busting and

Flower Power Crochet Motif2022-05-11T20:40:08+09:30

Sweet Crochet Heart Motif

A super cute solid heart motif that can be used as an applique, for decorative items such as fridge magnets, and for bunting. Pattern Details Recommended Yarn: DK/8 ply/Cat. 3 weight yarn, ~3g/0.1Oz

Sweet Crochet Heart Motif2022-05-13T08:49:07+09:30

Awakening Shawl

A pretty and feminine lacy triangular shawl featuring budding blossoms. The shawl can be sized to preference according to the number of repeats worked. The pattern works up beautifully with gradient yarns, with rows

Awakening Shawl2022-05-01T08:53:21+09:30

Cute Crochet Flower Magnet

Super cute flower magnets that make a perfect, sweet gift as a set, or sell at craft markets as single magnets or sets. Easy and quick to make, and great for stash busting.

Cute Crochet Flower Magnet2024-05-15T15:01:21+09:30

L’il Bit Kitsch Coasters

The L'il Bit Kitsch Coasters are a super cute crochet coaster design that is quick and easy to whip up and will add some whimsy to your or another's coffee break. Perfect for gifting

L’il Bit Kitsch Coasters2024-01-24T16:40:13+09:30