Awakening Shawl


A pretty and feminine lacy triangular shawl featuring budding blossoms. The shawl can be sized to preference according to the number of repeats worked. The pattern works up beautifully with gradient yarns, with rows

Awakening Shawl2022-05-01T08:53:21+09:30

Dainty Coasters


Dainty Coasters A sweet textured beverage coaster that is dainty in size (approximately 9-9.5cm/3.5-3.75in in diameter) and appearance, featuring an elegant border. Perfect for gifts and market stall stock. Ideal as a fun stash-busting

Dainty Coasters2022-01-15T18:42:13+09:30

Swirly Star Motif


Swirly Star Motif Oozing cute, these star motifs can be used as decorations, as bunting, or stitched together as a sweet bed runner or throw. A great little stash buster, this is a quick

Swirly Star Motif2021-12-21T16:27:46+09:30

Pinstripe Puff Beanie


This advanced (adventurous) beginner design is a fun make and also pleasing on the eye. Texture results from puff and post stitches. Great for gifts, charity makes, and market stall stock. This is

Pinstripe Puff Beanie2021-10-06T09:26:03+09:30