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Dainty Coasters


Dainty Coasters A sweet textured beverage coaster that is dainty in size (approximately 9-9.5cm/3.5-3.75in in diameter) and appearance, featuring an elegant border. Perfect for gifts and market stall stock. Ideal as a fun stash-busting

Dainty Coasters2022-01-15T18:42:13+09:30

Swirly Star Motif


Swirly Star Motif Oozing cute, these star motifs can be used as decorations, as bunting, or stitched together as a sweet bed runner or throw. A great little stash buster, this is a quick

Swirly Star Motif2021-12-21T16:27:46+09:30

Pinstripe Puff Beanie


This advanced (adventurous) beginner design is a fun make and also pleasing on the eye. Texture results from puff and post stitches. Great for gifts, charity makes, and market stall stock. This is

Pinstripe Puff Beanie2021-10-06T09:26:03+09:30

Wheely Good Beanie


This intermediate skill level, textured beanie design is a fun and quick make that will receive lots of compliments. Texture results from modified Catherine Wheel stitch and 3LO construction. Perfect for unique gifts, charity

Wheely Good Beanie2021-09-11T09:50:32+09:30

Road Trip Beanie


A fun, warm, squishy, textured beanie design that is unisex in appeal, and looks fabulous worn by both kids and adults. It can be worn 'right' side or 'wrong' side, for a different look

Road Trip Beanie2021-07-17T20:40:15+09:30